Effective SEO Content Articles

In order to write effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content articles, the writer needs to know what SEO is, how SEO functions, and what the ideal word count for a SEO content article is.

Recent statistics indicate that Google is currently the most-used search engine, followed by Bing and Yahoo. Search Engine Optimization is a distinctive approach to online marketing. It is designed to increase the visibility or ranking of a website on the search engine result pages (SERPs). The searches need to be organic (‘unpaid’ or ‘natural’). The more searches, the higher the ranking of the website and the more visitors will be directed towards these sites.

The purpose of a SEO content article is to include the website containing the article, in the search results of visitors. This is done by writing keywords into the article, but without manipulating the search engine results in unfair ways. The key word density is carefully controlled, and the article is of a high-quality with the content related to the website’s business information.

In August 2012, the new Google ‘Panda’ algorithm made its appearance and caused many businesses dependent on the Internet for an income, to shut down due to a high volume of links to other sites, but without updating these sites with original content. The main area of concentration for webmasters was to include countless back links, also known as inbound links, to other web pages or blogs, and these links alone would determine the ranking. However, the new Google “Panda” algorithm takes into account new, fresh SEO article content as a major factor in ranking websites and blogs on the search engine result pages. Inbound links are still relevant but of lower priority than original content.

Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search SPAM released a five-minute video on You Tube in which he clarified a number of misconceptions on algorithm updates. He advised SEO companies to direct the focus away from link building and towards the needs of their customers. The requests from customers should be added as original content to the articles used for SEO. The value of high-quality articles with integrated optimized keywords lies in the re-use of SEO articles several times each during link building.

Finally, some thoughts on what the ideal length of a SEO article should be. This varies depending on the customer, but 300-500 words per article seem to be the most widely used, with a keyword density of 3-7%. A density higher than 7% could be interpreted by the search engine algorithm as unnatural, causing a drastic decrease in the ranking of the website. The key to a top-ranking website is a thorough understanding of Search Engine Optimization combined with the analytical skills of the article writer.

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